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ering six children

unmen kill nine U.S. citizens in Mexico ambush11-0▓6-2019 15:25 BJTDrug cartel g▓unmen ambushed three SUVs along a dirt road, slau▓ghtering six child▓ren and three women – all U.S. citizens living in n▓orthern Mexico – i▓n a grisly attack that left one vehicle a burned-out, bullet-ridd

led hulk, authorities said Tuesday.The dead included 8-▓month-old twins.

and th▓ree wom

Eight yo▓ungsters were found ali▓ve after escaping from the veh▓icles and hiding in the brush. But at least five had gunshot wounds or other injuries and▓ were being treated in th▓e U.S., where they were listed as stable, officials and relatives ▓said.One woman was killed▓ after she apparently jumped

out of her vehi▓cle and waved her hands to ▓show she wasn't a threat, acc

en 鈥?all U.S. c

ording to family members▓ and prosecutors.Mexican Security Secretary ▓Alfonso Durazo said the gunmen may have mistaken the group's lar▓ge SUVs for those of rival gangs.The bloodshed took place Monday in▓ a remote, mountainous area in northern Mexico where▓ the Sinaloa cartel has been engaged in a t

urf w▓ar. The victims had set o▓ut to visit relatives▓ in Mexico; one ▓wom

itizens living▓

an was headed to the airport in Phoe▓nix to meet her husband.While a drug-related violence has been raging for years in Mexico, the att▓ack underscored the way cart▓el gunmen have become increa▓singly unconcerned about killing children as collateral damage. Around the ambush scene, whic▓h stretched

for m▓iles, investigators found ov▓er 200 shell casings, ▓mostly from assa


▓ult rifles."Lately it's getting worse. This is a whole new level," said Taylor ▓Langford, a relative of the de▓ad who splits his time between the Mexic▓an community and his hom▓e in the Salt Lake City suburb of Herriman, Utah.In a tweet, President Donald Tru▓mp offered to help▓ Mexico "wage WAR on

the▓ drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth." But Mexican

one vehicle a burn

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President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador rejected that approach,








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